*   Equipe Optimisation Combinatoire   *

This conference is the 9th edition of a well-known event initiated by Claude Berge in 1976, and organized by the French community in Graph Theory every 4 or 5 years since then. The most recent editions were held in Orsay in 2010 (8FCC), Hyères in 2005 (ICGT05), and Marseille in 2000 (ICGT 2000). The 2014 version is organized by members from different research groups of Grenoble (G-SCOP, Institut Fourier, GIPSA-lab, LIG).

The conference featured nine invited lectures together with contributed talks. A special issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics was dedicated to a selection of papers presented at the conference.

A picture of the participants (kindly taken by Gena Hahn).

Invited Speakers

The following speakers gave a plenary talk: